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Full Version: Impossible coincidence
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A visitor to Holland went to call on a friend in Amsterdam who happened to be a taxi driver. It was Easter and the town was even busier than usual and the taxi driver was working. Ringing his home, the visitor was invited anyway, for tea and cakes and to say hello to the children. So he stood at the taxi-rank on the Damrak, with a friend, in a long a queue in the rain. As the cars arrived and reduced the queue, by one, two, three or four passengers, the visitor's turn approached, and the stream of cars was continuous. At last it was the visitor's turn, and the driver who stopped for them was the visitor's friend.
Later, a university professor of mathematics was asked to compute the chances of this happening, and he said it was as impossible as throwing a grain of sand on to a beach and finding it again. In the taxi case, there were too many variables for calculation. The only constant was the number of taxis available, which had to be finite, but the number actually working on the day could not be established. The number of official taxi-stops in Amsterdam is also constant, but meaningless because taxis are also on call, with no predictable pattern. The number of people in the queue could possibly be established, but not the number using each taxi, and the journeys by taxi could be very local, to the airport, to a suburb, hotel, in fact anywhere at all, so the "odds" were incalculable. Mathematically it was impossible and the visitor's friend could not be persuaded that it was not rigged. But it was perfectly coincidental, for the visitor was none other than Judge Foozle.
That's spooky!

I picked up the phone to dial my mum only to find her speaking to me down the line. She had dialled me first and I picked up before the phone rang. Over the course of a couple of years this happened twice, or perhaps three times. We lived a couple of hundred miles from each other and only spoke on the phone once every two or three weeks and never at a set time of day and so it seemed a strange thing when it happened.
Guys! I am a big lover of traveling and explored the different countries during my journey. Guys! I have never been to Holland and Amsterdam. I think the both places are so beautiful for visit and enjoyment. Would you like to share your both places experience with me? I am waiting for your reply.
Jaukan, Same situation here. I also never visited Holland and Amsterdam. Both are new places for me. I want to know about it in detail. I will read about it in the future after come back from my 2 days tour from new York. I am very excited for it and I will share my tour journey with all of you before it I  want to know about both of them.


Well, Guys, Honestly speaking, I have never visited to the Holland and Amsterdam. In fact both are the new names for me but sounds really cool. I will like to visit there in future but before right I ned fun information about the places. I mean the places which I can explore during my tour also the names of good accommodations for a comfortable stay. Will anyone like to share here?
I am keen to see the photos of Amsterdam to see what kind of place it is. So, guys can you post here few fro me? I am looking for your quick response as usual to see the charming views of Amsterdam to make a plan to go there in forthcoming day.. I hope there will be more replies and amazing views of this city.
Well, OnlineRay, Amsterdam is more charming than spectacular. It's a very small city woven around canals. It's certainly one of the most atmospheric cities in Europe, like Prague, but it's hard to think of one iconic aspect. Definitely worth a visit, perhaps within a tour including Brussels and Luxembourg and you'll always remember Amsterdam with a smile, for your own reasons.

  [Image: 863px-Amsterdam_Cityscape.jpg]


Wow, Jugefoozle, I must say that you have shared really nice and attractive image of the Amsterdam which is good. The photo is a cool one reflection of the beautiful destination. I can see that it is really a nice p[lace to go ahead. Now, I have added its name in my bucket and will love to explore it anytime in future whenever I got a chance.
I msut say judge's shared photo is really worth seeing and impressive for me to think about Amsterdam to go there. Sure judge I will remember this name to go there in forthcoming days to see its charming views because it seems to me it is a worth a visiting region to have fun with buddies. Would you like to let me know did you explore it ever?


Well, online Ray! I think you are right. The shared image is really nice and forcing the travelers to have a tour of this beautiful place. Buddy, I am also keen to know the interesting story of Judgefoozle if he had explored the beauty of Amsterdam ever in his life. I am hopeful that he will reply us soon.
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