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The Benefits of Boston
History, charm and modernity around every corner.

A much-overlooked American city in New England, with a lot to offer visitors. The famous harbour, Beacon Hill, Nantucket, Fenway Park (Redsox) and plenty more attractions ensure great memories. Let's have some reports back please.

[Image: 270px-Boston_Long_Wharf.JPG]
Wow, judgefoozle, I must say that you have shared amazing information about the Boston, The shared photo is also nice. Boston is one of my dearest places and I have visited there once ion my life and just love it because I find there amazing fun time. Boston Common and Boston Harbour are main points of interest there.
A few years ago, My brother visited Boston with his friends. According to him, Boston is a nice city to visit and there are very beautiful destinations for visitors. Freedom Trail, Boston Common and Public Garden Swan Boats, Harvard Square and Harvard Art Museums and New England Aquarium are the most popular destinations of Boston. I would love to go there in my future time.
Well, Jauakn, Your brother is absolutely right. Boston is really an amazing destination for traveling due to its attention-grabbing destinations. It also offers many breathtaking sightseeing to capture in cameras. I have captured many memorable moments in my camera and just love them to see again and again.
NO doubt Abrish, Boston is truly wonderful destination to see in Massachusetts. I also visited there many of the times and also explore many places of Boston. The Boston Public Park is my favorite place to see in this city. It is an ideal place for nature lover and also best for picnic. Let me share one image of it;
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHnVY38Bl2IXzfn_g7drw...SFf4pF5_Fw] [Image: family-vacations-bostons-public-gardens.jpg]
Its really nice topic and good to share any favourite point of interest here that is famous for its history or attractive views. Here I would like to add the name of Boston Common downtown Boston which is famous for its green views and amazing of place to spend quality time with family members in ideal surroundings. Its an open place for all for fun.
Wow, Joseph321, I must say that you have shared really amazing photographs of the parks in Boston. The pictures are attention grabbing and remembered me the best moments which I spent there. I really like this destination due to its natural beauty. Good effort and keep sharing, dude.

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