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chicago tourist
I am going with chicago tourist bus tour to New York and during my tour I will explore some different regions like Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland and Henry Ford Museum in Chicago. It will be 6 day tour and  during this tour I will see amazing views of these regions. I am very excited about it and looking for your views about it. 
Wow, Buddy, I must say that your tour sounds really very cool. You are lucky that you got a chance to explore the beauty of the all amazing regions in one tour. Cleveland is a new name for me and I am interested to know about it. Will you like to share some information about it with me in your next post? I will wait to read that.
Abrish, If you are keen to know about Cleveland then I must say it is renowned city among travelers and offers lots of exciting things to do there. I think you should think about to go there because it is really a cool place to have fun. Lake View Cemetery is its famous spot among travelers. So buddy must think about this city to have fun in forthcoming days.
Well, Online Ray, I must say that you have shared really impressive information about the Cleveland which is good. Buddy, I am also thinking to go there but before that I am keen to see some images of it. Will you like to share with me in your next post?
I am quite happy after seeing the effort by all of you and so sure that I will have amazing time too if I will stay there with all of you. So guys have great time and keep sharing like this time in your future too, One more thing that I would love to say best of luck to all of you from my side.
I am going to agree with you all members have shared such a nice information with all. That is good I am so sure I will get more in future and so sure it will be useful for me like this. Good job guys keep it up. I want to know your next plan. Would you like to share with all of us?

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