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Will anyone help me????
On the 1st March it will be sixteenth birthday of my younger brother. We all are very excited for it. My brother wants to celebrate his birthday in Malaysia. We are going to Malaysia in the last of the month. I have no idea about its attractions and best hotels which we will explore during the tour. So, Will anyone like to help me in this regard?
Well, you only have a week to plan this trip, but here's the official tourism guide in English.
Abrish , Great idea to make his birthday more special and if I talk about the Malaysia then I must say it is an Asian country and famous for its iconic skyscrapers like as Petronas Twin Towers. Anyway, buddy Malaysia filled with exciting places to have fun there and I am sure to enjoy a Birthday celebrations will be great fun for your whole family especially for your brother. Go ahead,,,
Well, OnlineRay, I really liked your post as it is is fun of information for me. Now, I am very sure that I will have there great time nad make my brothers event something really special for him. Anyway, I need some names of the best hotels there where we can enjoy a comfortable stay. Will you like to share with me?
Here I will say that traveling is really one of the most favorite hobby and i love to do it and so sure that it would be really mesmerizing time for me and and for your brother, anyway, i would like to say best of luck to both of you and so sure that it would be really amazing time for both and this tour will leave long lasting memories for you.
Travelling is such a nice hobby for all. I am also a traveler and would love to explore different destinations in different time. I am a nature lover and have visited many attractions in my life. kara I want to know about your interest I mean to say which kinds of destinations you like to explore during your tour?
Well, I believe that traveling is only best way to have fun and we can get really great stuff to have fun there and so sure that it would be really a nice time for all, as well as can observe the things according to our point of view so that is why I love to explore all kinds of places but personally Natural places really attracts my attention to it side like Niagara falls at the top of the list.

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