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Good news for UK TV viewers
Movies from an earlier age will be more widely on view in the United Kingdom when the talking Pictures channel goes national on November 30th. It will have its own Freeview channels 19 and 25, which are available free to all TV viewers who have Freeview equipment, which is estimated to be 90% of the audience.
At present it is available only to subscribers to the Sky network.
Talking Pictures is the TV arm of Renown Films, which produces its own label vintage movies, mostly black and white and 'B' rated, but which are of top quality and affordable. Many of them are rare and hard to find otherwise. It's a membership-based service with a good reputation, and broke into the TV business about 3 years ago.
Channel 19 is the commercially-funded "Yesterday" channel, strong on historical subjects and increasing in popularity. It also broadcasts replays of some of the more popular TV and comedy series.
Current Sky viewers of TP will have to retune on November 30th but Freeview users will just see the new content in the scheduling. Lucky them!

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